Awaiting her Reward



She awaits her reward
As her pulse races
Approaching the door
Knowing this is
The only place
She can be free
A gentle knock
She turns the knob
He’s standing there
Her Lord and Master
She knows she’s His
Not a word spoken
As the lock is turned
Her sensuous walk
Her seductive sway
Now eye to eye
Can’t look away
Standing before Him
His fingers slide
Across her cheek
A shy smile
Given to Him
His hands move
Cupping Her breasts
A breathy gasp
Biting her lip
Her nipples peak
A twist n pull
His clamps go on
Pleasure not pain
Deep breath
Her eyes on Him
As His path is drawn
He circles her clit
Now thru her folds
Fingers wet
Its all for Him
His first command
“On your knees”
Kneeling before Him
His hands fist
Pulling her hair
His zipper goes down
She pulls Him free
His magnificent length
Pulsing in her hands
Licking her lips
She craves His taste
Her tongue flicks out
Across His slit
Dew covers her lips
Swirling His crown
Every inch hers
Caressing His balls
Sliding up n down
His hips thrust
She hears Him growl
His eyes close
As His sac tightens
His crown swells
Taking Him deeper
Thrust after thrust
She savory’s and tastes
As the first spurt
Flows down her throat
She milks and strokes
His release now hers
Licking His shaft
His eyes find hers
No words needed
Her reward found


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His Rain


His Rain

By Lia

Words caress my senses

Touch controls my soul

Left within His Rain

This is where life begins

Without fear

Its time to live

As I listen to His commands

Tingles race across my skin

Fire flows deep within

As I linger on the edge

I give everything to Him


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By ©liamaz2

As I lay here
Fighting for sleep
Trying desperately
To close my eyes
For its here
I know within my dreams
This is the place
You’ll always find me
Clearing my mind
Peaceful night
A shudder felt
You’re here with me
A reverent need
My racing pulse
Feeling you
Hover over me
Whispers start
“I’m here with you”
Your masculine scent
Consuming me
Feeling your lips
Warm and wet
A gentle touch
Upon my cheek
You feel the quiver
Move across my skin
As desire’s unfold
Once again
My silent plea
“Don’t stop now”
Tasting, craving, please devour me
Your hands remembering
Each and every curve
As fire burns
From your fingertips
Leaving a trail
Of blistering sin
Scorching, burning
Under my skin
Flowing fiercely
Thru my beating heart
My body writhing
Arching into yours
You place your weight
At the center of me
I feel you harden
As our bodies touch
Throbbing arousal
Burns deep within
Igniting the fire
Nerves explode
Sweet creamy nectar
Glistens as it flows
I hear you moan
My screams respond
As we spiral into
Mind blowing bliss
Unraveling together
With every thrust
Urgent need you become
One with me
Together always
In dreams


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You and I


You and I

You and I

His eyes
Her gaze
His hands
Her touch
His urge
Her need
His passion
Her desire
His smile
Her laugh
His mind
Her thoughts
His walk
Her sway
His fire
Her heat
His soul
Her heart

You are mine
As I am yours
Once again
We are one
Forever and always
You and I


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With Me


With Me

By Lia

Alone in the darkness
my body waits
Desire’s unfold
needing your touch
As quiver’s consume
from core to flesh
Soft moans fall
from distant shore’s
Thru dreams we fall
into passion’s embrace
Desperate kisses blaze
immersed in the fire
Touch me once again
linger where you belong
Lips to lips
skin pressed against skin
Hunger’s fed now
taste what is your’s
Finger’s leisurely follow
every soft silky curve
As we lay ourselves
beneath stars casting light
As if water upon my skin
your body moving with mine
Sins flowing freely
as our bodies sway
Souls meld and merge
in the darkness of night
Here in my arm’s
your body mine
Come to me my love
please stay forever
No longer in dreams…
With Me


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Good Girl


Good Girl



ImageThe chains rattled

Not from trying to escape

But as her body responds to His words

“Don’t move, be a good girl I’ll be right back to play.”

As He placed the shackles before He left the room

Her entire body quaked

Her wrists restrained as were her feet

To the enormous St Andrews Cross

Trembling with the thought

Of what’s to come

Her bindings shook around her tiny limbs

Every cell, every nerve

Awake, alive, desperate for touch

Burning within

He’d started the fire

Smoldering in her core

Anticipation ran in waves across her skin

Blindfold was placed

His darkness now hers

Her senses soared

Panting breaths were all she heard

Realizing they were hers

In thru the nose, out thru the mouth

Trying to calm the sound

Footfalls soft from across the room

Her gasp – “let go” she held her breath

Closer they came, chills covered her…

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Where Are You



Where Are You
By Lia

His breath once filled my burning lungs
With every gasp of air I took
He gave me life with His
Alone I stand waiting
Where are you

My heart beats faster saying His name
Remembering His very first touch
Soaring into unbelievable lust
A passion only He could sate
Where are you

I hunger for His taste please just one
The smell of His skin upon mine
Marks on my body placed with care
Lost in a world that once was ours
Where are you

Seduced by the flames that once set me on fire
As His fingers gently swept over me
To feel the heat that raged core deep
His control over me…unreal
Where are you

Everytime He was near my knees were weak
An urgent need to be devoured
His lips feasting on mine
Nibbling licking capturing my moans
Where are you

Smoldering gazes as eyes darkened
Never afraid to explore the unknown
Desires of passions shared with lust
Felt deep within our core
Where are you

Arms that held me thru the night
Always cradled safe His heat circled me
As His fingers slid up n down my spine
Tingles shivers pulses begging “touch me”
Where are you

My sheltered world you knew you held my heart
Souls that once were entwined
“You are my one true love” words you said to me
Were you to weak to fight for me
Where are you

Here I stand alone in the dark
Pieces of my heart to broken to count
My shattered soul will never be repaired
It left me when you said goodbye
Where are you

What once was said I believed it all
What once was felt a love so deep
What once was known held within my heart
What once was mine my souls true mate
Everything’s gone…Where are you


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They Fell

By Lia

Soft footfalls heard coming down the hall
He sat in His chair to wait
Took a sip from His glass of wine
After resting it upon His knee
He caught His first glimpse of her

Long auburn waves caressed and curled
Falling over her porcelain skin
Just begging for His hands to comb thru
Ocean blue eyes unlike any other’s
Were caught staring back at Him

Warm wet lips dusted in red
Tipped with a shy sweet smile
A blush warmed her cheeks
She took a deep breath
Slowly she walked to His side

White demi cups nestled her breasts
As they rose and fell with ease
A little white corset lovingly hugged
Up the back little laces were tied
Giving her waist a gentle squeeze

His eyes hooded with lust
Passion’s darkening desire
Now cast across her hips
Shiny white satin placed just right
Held her stockings with such grace

The endless lengths
Her legs gentle curves
Covered in the finest silk
As her tiny toes found themselves
Cradled in her red stiletto’s

He took her hands
Pulled her onto His lap
Moved His fingers thru her hair
Drawing her closer just for a taste
Gently brushing her lips with His

Feeling her shiver
Watched as she quivered
With His hands very first touch
Blazing a path of fire on her flesh
Scorching as they danced

His fingers traced the lines
Over and over again and again
Satin holdups snapped and popped
Breaking their kiss eyes held hers
Two desperately gasping for air

Her insides clenched moistening her lips
With a sway of her hips she knew
Oh yes she knew His need quite clear
On her knees she rose His zip released
Velvet steel was ready for her

Lowering herself around His crest
Her warmth capturing His heat
As her head fell back quietly she moaned
While a roar grew deep in His chest
He slowly slid inside

Communicating to each other
Without words letting their bodies talk
Muscles tensed as walls rippled
A clenching gripping pulling trance
Lost in each other…two began to let go

Ragged breaths filled the room
Every thrust now a quickening pace
Bodies arch seated in His chair
Growling groaning gasping gripping
They walked across pleasure’s edge

Holding tight as bodies unite
Neither willing to fall alone
A final push filled with lust
They screamed in passion’s heat
As it engulfed them both in flames

Silky essence coated satin walls
Juices mingle and merge again
Hearts beat as one as soul’s entwined
Sated hungers fed pulses began to calm
On His lap in His arms into ecstasy’s abyss

They fell

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Love’s Tapestry



Love’s Tapestry
By Lia

As the moon hovers
Behind the clouds
Flickering lights
Pierce their skin
Casting shadows
Throughout the room
Lover’s say
Good night again
Touches seek
Familiar curves
His breath fluttering
Thru her hair
Fingers gently
Dance their dance
As her first sighs
Fill the night
The scent of strawberries
He takes a deep breath
Smiling against her soft skin
As tiny nails dig in again
Decadent tingles explode
Up and down His spine
Hands begin to explore
His body built for hers
A perfect fit
Her body built for sin
His to adore
She pulls Him tight
Here they lie
Skin to skin
Lips caress
As tongues collide
Craving the flavor
The other holds
Writhing again
With a breathless hunger
Remaining cradled
Between her thighs
She softly moans
Bidding He enter
His magnificent sword
Standing ready
His blood filled tip
Awaiting the warmth
Of her velvet sheath
As shudders pass
From Him to her
She wraps her legs
Around His waist
Hips rise up
She draws Him in
Their kisses flow
Sensuous and slow
Whispering words
Of the love they know
They softly sigh
They softly moan
They move together
A masterpiece of motion
Heart’s beat
In perfect rhythm
Souls merge
Entwining together
As passions build
The moon breaks free
Bodies glistening
Loves dewy mist
Eyes gazing in lust
One final thrust
Sweet honey flows
Ripples sweep
Over their skin
As warmth saturate’s
Her velvet walls
Liquid silk
A gift from Him
She wraps Him in
Her satiny cream
Cries of passion
Fill the room
They lie drenched
Loves afterglow
Breathing together
Hearts begin to calm
Lips caress
In gentle sips
Arms and legs
Remain entwined
They lost themselves
In passions desire
But remain forever
Woven together
In the beauty
They found once again
An unbreakable bond
They live within
Something they call
Love’s Tapestry


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Dreaming Of The Rose


The Rose

By Lia

Moonlight dances across porcelain skin
As fingers caress her delicate curve’s
The scent of Roses fills the air
Living in her dreams His touch so real
She’s lying beneath Him once again

The rhythm of each precious move
They sway together two lover’s embrace
Gasping as warm breathes flutter
Humming through her veins the sweetest pleasure
As true passion blankets her in sin

A cloud of sensual white hot flames
Lost in Him now His to claim
Raging sensations teeter on the edge
As a spiraling storm consumes her again
Escalating desires beneath her skin

Laying in the vortex her body not her’s
Swirling in the brilliance of His fiery bliss
Pleasure’s swell searching for release
A breathless moan she whispers His name
As the dance of souls ends with a kiss

In dreams He came to say goodnight
He caressed her body as He took her tonight
Soul to soul in a lover’s embrace
A blush of color took His place
Dreaming Of The Rose lying on satin skin

No, He’s not just a dream…He was here…He is real

His message was received…

His love for her and the beauty of a rose


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